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Frequently Asked Questions

To receive an offer for your car or truck, we will need you to insert the following details into our car value calculator tool: Starting with your vehicle identification number (VIN) or the make & model of your vehicle, we gather specific information about your vehicle. We will then ask a few brief questions about your vehicle’s mileage, condition, and features. From there, we will email you your offer and a representative will contact you to schedule an inspection of your vehicle. You may also call our Buying Center to schedule an appointment or for any questions about your estimate.

When you make your appointment, do not forget your documents. Bring your vehicle’s registration and outstanding loan details, if applicable. Remove personal items and don’t forget the spare keys.

Absolutely! You can sell us your car even if you’re not in the market for another vehicle right now.

Receiving your vehicle trade in value with Chapman Automotive is straightforward and can boost your purchasing power by reducing your down payment. To begin, answer a few questions to get an offer for your current car. Once you complete our interest form, we will email you an offer for how much your car is worth and a representative will contact you to arrange an inspection of your vehicle. Your offer will expire after 3 days.

We gather the vehicle details you provide, such as options, accident history, and mileage, and combine them with data from service records, trusted pricing guides, and our own market analysis. By analyzing hundreds of data points, we create a personalized, real offer for you. Rest assured, you’ll receive the strongest offer possible based on our assessment of your vehicle’s value and the current auto market conditions.

You will need your vehicle’s registration and any outstanding loan details, if applicable.

Yes, we assist many customers in selling cars with outstanding loans. We will guide you through the process of obtaining your loan payoff information, and in some cases, we can even gather it directly from your lender. When we purchase your vehicle, we will pay your loan provider directly.

If your vehicle’s value exceeds what you owe, you can receive the difference or apply it toward your next vehicle purchase from Chapman Automotive. Until the sale is finalized, please continue making your regular loan payments to avoid any penalties with your lender. You’ll be reimbursed for any overpayments.

While we’re here to help you sell your leased car, whether we can buy it depends on your leasing company’s policies. Include your lease information when answering the appraisal questions, and in most cases, we can provide you with the next steps along with your offer.

Your offer from Chapman Automotive remains valid for 3 days. As long as the information you provide accurately reflects your vehicle’s details and condition, your offer will remain unchanged.

If you update your information, we will automatically generate a new offer for you. We also update your offer if you resubmit the same information later on. Our goal is to provide the strongest offers possible based on our analysis of your vehicle’s value and the current auto market conditions.

We rely on our customers to provide accurate information about their vehicle, and we use a combination of automated checks, car photo reviews, and a final confirmation at the pick-up appointment to ensure everything matches. If any discrepancies are found, we will work with you to generate an updated offer.

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